Conference on Hallucinogens and Native American Shamanism in Modern Life

The author would like to thank Michael Aldridge, Curator of the Fitzhugh Ludlow Memorial Drug Library of San Francisco, for his time in searching out his home library for his contributions of 11 photographs taken at this Conference at the Japan Trade Center in 1978. Furthermore, the author also appreciates Michael Aldridge for the use of one photograph of him and his lovely wife taken by Richard Evans Schultes.

How I Happened to Attend this Monumental Event

It was during the third week of September of 1978, and I was attending a meeting at David Tatelmans's Homestead Book Company which had just received the first carton of 100 copies of Paul Stamet's first book, "Psilocybe Mushrooms and their Allies." At the same time, I had also just picked up from my printer's at Craftsman Press, here in Seattle, the first 500 copies of my new Magic and Poisonous Mushroom Poster for Poison Control Center use to help doctors try to identify if someone had consumed a deadly species of mushrooms rather than an hallucinogenic psilocybian mushroom. During that meeting with David, he had handed me a recent issue the September 21, 1978, San Francisco Bay Guardian Newspaper which I read and saw an ad for a conference on Hallucinogens and Native American Shamanism in Modern Life. This conference was to be held at the Japan Building in San Francisco. In fact the conference was one week away and was to be held from Sept 29 to October 1, 1978. So my business partner, an ex-Rockford, Illinois Policeman, Frank Rinaldo and his Wife Cheeri, donated to me, the airfare and the cost of the conference to attend so I could promote our shroom poster which three years later, Dr. Andrew Weil, would propose by endorsement that, "These cards should be helpful to people who want to learn the common psilocybin containing mushrooms. The photographs show the most important species in many of their aspects and together with the written descriptions are a good introduction to these interesting little mushrooms."
Andrew Weil, M.D.

So David asked me if I wouldn't mind taking along a box of Paul's new book to the conference and I agreed. So, I was responsible for selling the first 100 copies of Paul's first book at this conference.

Here, I have also added to this section, a copy of the San Francisco Bay Guardian Newspaper Advertisement for the Conference.

Figs. 1-2. San Francisco Bay Guardian Newspaper 21 September 1878.
And here is the flyer for the sale of Conference related books, although the majority were on the subject of Hallucinogenic Mushrooms

Figs. 3-4. Circulated Flyer for the Sale of Entheogenic Books at the SF Conference.

Figs. 5-6. Program Flyer for Hallucinogens and Shamanism Conference.
Then came Jonathan Ott's editing presentation of some segments of the Proceedings from the September 29-October 1, 1978 Conference on "Hallucinogens in Native American Shamanism and Modern Life. These articles appeared in the January to June of 1979 issue of The Journal of Psychedelic Drugs vol. 11(1-2), 149 Pages.

Figs. 7-9. Featured above: The cover, title page, and center photo are from Volume 11(1-2) of the 1976 January issue of the Journal of Psychedelic Drugs).

Figs. 10-11. A Review of the above Journal of Psychedelic Drugs articles from the Conference.
The above posted 2 page review of the articles from the conference appeared in Economic Botany and was presented by Bernard Lowy, an anthropologist from Duke University. [See: Lowy, Bernard. 1979c. (Bk. Rev.). Economic Botany vol. 33(4):458-459. October-December.
A review of "Hallucinogens and Shamanism and Modern Life", edited by Jonathan Ott. 149pp. Also in: Journal of Psychedelic Drugs vol. 11(2). January-June 1979].

Featured Speakers and Guests of the 1978 Conference at the Japan Center in San Francisco

Fig 12. Albert Hofmann and Jonathan Ott.
Photo: Courtesy of Michael Aldridge

Fig. 13. Richard Evans Schultes and Albert Hofmann.
Photo: Courtesy of Michael Aldridge

Fig. 14. Mike and Michelle Aldridge and Albert Hofmann.
Photo by Richard Evans Schultes. Courtesy of Michael Aldridge.

Fig. 15. Joan Halifax, R. Gordon Wasson and John W. Allen.
Photo: Courtesy of Michael Aldridge

Figs. 16-17. R. Gordon Wasson, Magic Mushroom Poster and John W. Allen.
Photos: Courtesy of Michael Aldridge

Fig. 18. Keywaydinoquay,
Canadian Shaman of Amanita and R. Gordon Wasson.
Photo: Courtesy of Michael Aldridge

Fig. 19. R. Gordon Wasson, Jonathan Ott, Jeremy Bigwood and Joan Halifax.
Photo: Courtesy of Michael Aldridge

Fig. 20. Stan and Christina Grof, Michelle Aldridge, Weston LaBarre, Albert Hofmann and Sasha Shulgin.
Photo: Courtesy of Michael Aldridge

Fig. 21. A panel discussion with Jose Luiz Diaz, Stanislav Grof, San Pedro, Andrew Weil and Norman Zinberg.
Photo: Courtesy of Michael Aldridge

Fig. 22. A Prayer Meeting led by Timothy Plowman and Andrew Weil. Photo: Courtesy of Michael Aldridge

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