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A Review of Andy Letcher's book
"Shrooms: A Cultural History."

Wizard Magickal Merlin


Wizard Magickal "Merlin's" Review of Andy Letcher's book, Shrooms: A Cultural History
Make room for the Shroom,the Fungus among us (June 1, 2008.

Well, at least read the book. This is not a 'pro-hippie' book. That's what i liked about reading it.It gives the detailed and complex history of the 'Mushroom'. And how it has been used, worshipped, and ritualised by the ancients and modern peoples of the world. A great deal of attention is paid to the life and work of Terrence McKenna. He became the 'High-Priest of Magic Mushrooms', during the Haight-Ashbury hallucinogenic rad-chic days. Terrence Mckenna was a disciple of Timothy Leary, the charismatic pied piper of the LSD movement. His writings are still read with interest, yet mostly with a sense of humor. McKenna's imagination shines in his various research projects. Perhaps brighter than his mundane data. It's clear that the technological 21st century has not stopped mankind's quest, for the ultimate shamanic connection, with the natural world and cosmos above. Mushrooms are believed by some to be a ideal portal to a larger universe of understanding. Everything about mushrooms is in this book. Literary,scientific and social-wise aspects, concerning the influence mushrooms, has had on the psyche. And this is not historically endemic to an isolated gens of people. This 'Shroom' book is must-reading for all true neo-pagan followers. The impact of the 'Magic Mushroom' on world cultures cannot be ignored by any novice layman or even refuted by the elitist scholars either.

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