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The first song I really wrote with a melody is a patriotic song and was written when I was just 15-years-old.

The Endless Glory
(1957, age 15, Chicago, Illinois).

There's an endless glory above you,
An endless glory that's fair,
It always longs to help you,
It will always be there.

And the endless glory shall follow,
Through all your troubles and strife,
And your name shall be a legend,
Til' the ending of your life.

For the men who fight,
In the terror of the night,
The stars they spell out your name,
In days of olde,
when knights were bold,
They'd shout out your name in fame.

And the endless glory shall follow,
Defending you in troubles and strife,
To lead you on to victory,
To save, protect and live a long life.

This is the first song that I wrote and composed and was published with Protone Music by the late Jim Welton.

Angel of Love
(circa Summer/Fall 1962, Protone Music. Los Angeles).

Angel of love,
You ought to meet her,
Angel of love,
You ought to greet her,
she's always there,
Watching with loving care.

Angel of love,
She's calling out to you,
Angel of love,
Before the night is through,
Come hold her hand
Look in her eyes so fair.

At night an angel is watching,
Guarding your love with light,
So lovers be sure your never loney,
And never try to hide, from your angel of---.

Angel of love,
I'm calling out to you,
Angel of love,
You know our love is true,
Your always there,
Watching with loving care.

This was my second published song in Los Angeles

Hey! Hey! Little Girl!
(Circa 1962, Protone Music by Jim Welton, Los Angeles).

Hey Hey little girl,
Hey hey little girl,
Well I saw you,
with my best friend,
Yesterday ay, ay, ay,
Ay, ay, ay.

Well I went to see the gypsy,
I had my fortune read,
This is what she told me,
This is what she said
You need some lovin',
In the mornin' oh yeah,
In the evenin'
All night long,
You need some lovin'
Oh yes you need some so bad,
You love that lady,
She's the best you ever had,

little girl,
Litlle girl yeah yeah yeah,
Hey hey, Little girl yeah yeah yeah,
Well I saw you,
With my best friend,
Yesterday, ay, ay, ay,
Ay, ay, ay, ay,

Well I told her that I lover her,
She said she loved me too,
And that she'd never leave me,
And that our love was true,
But she couldn't,
'cos she loved an older man,
And she wouldn't,
Never ever understand,
That I loved her,
Oh please let me have a chance,
And I'll show her,
The meaning of romance,
Little girl,
Little girl, yeah yeah yeah,
Hey hey,
Little girl yeah yeah yeah,
Well I saw you,
WIth my best friend,
Yesterday, ay ay ay ay.

My third published song was written and then rewritten. I was told it was too similar to Gene McDaniels song, "A Hundred Pounds of Clay" so no one wanted to record it in Hollywood because of its similarity to the McDaniels song. There are two versions I wrote and the first was not the best. Then I had an actress where I lived who co-penned the revised version with me. However, over the years, I forgot most of the original lyrics except the first verse of the original version. Actually this tune is a very simple ballad played in C, A minor, F, and G chords.

The Day the World Began 1
(Circa Summer/Fall 1962. Protone Music).

The day the world began,
The day the world began,
well down came the rain,
and down came the sand,
and with the wind,
he created,
The night and day, ay ay ay,
Ay, ay, ay, ay.

The Day the World Began
by John W. Allen and Eileen Farrell (circa Summer/Fall Protone Music. 1962).

The day the world began,
Darkness moved upon the Earth,
An Earth without form,
That he held in his hands,
Consecrated, on a plan, Then he created,
With his hands,
The night and day, ay,ay ay. Ay, ay ay ay.

The sea he rolled away,
And love came into view,
For on that blessed day,
He then created you,
He made you promise,
to be mine,
From that moment,
The end of time, Iy, iy iy.
Iy, iy, iy, iy.

Thunder made its sound,
And lightneing flashed around,
Birds sang a symphony on high, eye, eye,
Then suddenly above,
A symbol of his love,
He place a lovely rainbow in the sky.

Now this is just a dream,
But if this dream were true,
I'd pray that on that day,
He first created you,
That i'd be there,
In his plan,
To take your hand,
On the day, the world began.

This was my fourth and last song I ever had published. It is a ballad sung to with a Flaminco Beat.

Let Me Hold you In My Arms Tonight
(circa 1963-1964, Protone Music, Los Angeles.).

Let me hold you in my arms tonight,
Let me kiss you in the pale moonlight,
Let me feel I am free,
always knowing I will be
In love.

Let me whisper to you in your ear,
saying words I know you long to hear,
Telling you how much I care,
To be near you everywhere,
Forever more.

The magic moments you bring to me,
When we cuddle so tenderly,
The love and warmph of your tender care,
Gives me a love that none can compare.

So my darlin' please don't wait no more,
Come and open up that magic door,
Lets go in, all is right,
Give me your live, night after night,
Forever more.

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