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Psilocybe liniformans var. americana Guzmán and Stamets. Photo: Paul Stamets.


Cap: 1-2.5 cm broad. convex to broadly convex, sometimes broadly umbonate. Smooth, viscid when moist from a separate gelatinous pellicle. Dull grayish ochraceous brown or olive colored. Hygrophanous, fading in drying and becoming straw-brown. Staining blue-green.

Gills: Adnexed, close to distant, dark chocolate brown to purplish brown.

Stem: 14-30 mm long X 1-2 mm thick. Equal to swelled at base. Whitish to pale brownish and staining blue when injured.

Spores: µ.

Sporeprint: Dark grayish-purple brown.

Habitat: Scattered to gregarious on horse dung or in manure enriched soil in meadows and pastures.

Distribution: Washington and Oregon. Probably in British Columbia, Canada.

Season: Summer through autumn.

Dosage: Weakly to moderately active. 10 to 20 fresh specimens.

Comments:Another rare species from the Pacific Northwest of the United States. A similar species, Psilocybe liniformans Guzmán and Bas var. liniformans is common in the Netherlands.

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