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Psilocybe caerulipes

Psilocybe caerulipes (Peck) Sacc. Photo: Dan Molter of Ohio.



Gills: Lavender to Chocolate-brown.

Stem: White and hollow and bluing when damaged by human handling or natural causes.

Spores: .

Spore Print: Chocolate to purple-brown.

Habitat: Woodchips and beauty bark in man-made gardens in public places.

Distribution: Georgia to Massachusetts in the north and west to Ohio and north to Michigan and southern Ontario.

Season: Late May threough August into September.

Dosage: One to three shrooms fresh.

Comment: Very elusive but common when found. Large collections in West Virginia resulted in more than 80 arrests on one single day. see: Click Here. Very similar to another speices, Psilocybe ovoideocystidiata, which also inhabits the same habitat as Psilocybe caerulipes.


All three above photographs of Psilocybe caerulipes from the Adirondack Hills in Northeast America by Joshua Hutchins.

Above three Photographs compliments of Raver.

Above five Photographs compliments of DTM.

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