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Psilocybe antioquensis Guzmán, Saldarriaga, Pineda, García and Velázquez

Cap: (5-) 10-15 (-30) mm diam, 5-15 (-20) mm high, globose or conic at first to campanulate, or convex. Margin sulcate-striate . Hygrophanous, orange-brown or ochraceo-olivaceous.
Gills: Adnate to sinuate, pale ochraceous to dark vilaceous with whitish edges.
Stem: (40-) 60-124 (-180) X (1-) 1.5-2 )-3) mm (including the pseudorhiza, Hollow, slightly irregularly undulate, equal, subbulbous or attenuated at the base. Whitish to pale or dark ochraceous with grayish fibrills.
Spores: (6) 8-10 (-11) X (5-) 6-6.5 (-7) X 5-6µ.
Sporeprint: Chocolate to purple-brown.
Habitat: Mycenoid, like P. mexicana without pseudorhiza. Solitary or in small groups, in clay or sandy soil, in meadows with horses, cattle, or Indian Brahman cattle (Bos), and or water buffalo (Bubalus), with
bleavening grasses, in subtropical humid regions, at 1000-1600 m altitude. In manured ground but not directly from manure.
Distribution: Currently known only from Antioquia in Colombia; Jalisco and Veracruz in Mexico, and Angkor Wat in Kampuchea (formerly Cambodia). Probably a pantropical species.
Season: Monsoon rainy season from late May through October
Dosage: 15-20 fresh specimens or more. 1-2 grams dried.
Comment: Collected from three locations in the Angkor Wat Compound of Cambodia at Banteay Srei (Citadel [Temple] of the Women), 15 km south of Banteay Srei (rice paddie area) and at Banteay Kdei (Citadel of the Cell). This species macroscopically resembles Psilocybe semilanceata and Psilocybe galindii. Psilocybe antioquensis was first reported from Colombia and Psilocybe galindii from Mexico. Both species belong to the section Mexicanae, but differ in the microscopic features. The main feature of these three species is the pseudorhiza which is a subterranean prolongation of the stipe. For more data concerning this species, read John Allen's paper Psilocybe antioquensis

Working in the lab with Dr. Prakitsin Sihanonth creating SEM photographs of Psilocybe antioquensis

Fresh picked specimens of Psilocybe antioquensis from Banteay Kdei, Cambodia

A line drawing of the fruiting bodies and caps of Psilocybe antioquensis

SEM Micrographs of the spores of Psilocybe antioquensis

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