(circa 1957-1959)

There once was a house on a cliff,
But some people say it was a myth,
But if it were true,
If it were really true,
Would there be a house on the cliff.

(Circa 1968)

Wee pious, Pope Pius
He Pee'd in his pants,
He opened his vespers,
Pulled out his torch,
Pulled on his cords,
and yanked out his tie,
and pissed his pants,
and Started to Cry.

(circa Oct-Nov 1967)

The bath which feeds,
Upon then bleeds,
The blood that bled,
As she rested her head,
Upon her bed,
And bled till she was dead.

Okay, I wrote the above "Bath Which Feeds" poem while under the influence of Hashish while I lived in the Haight-Ashbury. Year later in the summer of 1971 while in Chicago, I communed on a football shaped tablet of mescaline with my wife and read the poem and began to wonder what the hell ai was thinking of. After a few puffs of Colombian while on the mescaline tabs, I came up with the meaning of what the poem meant when I read it back to everyone visiting me on that particular day.
And so here the translation of the above poem to reason.

(Circa 1971)
Oh Mighty Bed,
Where I got Head,
The Night I Puncture her Maidenhead.
In Scarlet Tissues,
Of Crimson and Red,
The Blood ran Red,
from the Blood that she Bled

(Circa 1974)

She had Purple Velvet Nipples,
which glistened in the dark,
And she would scream "Ouch,"
Whenever I would bite her Purple Velvet Nipples,
As they glistened in the dark.

(Circa 1968, on pot)

She sits upon her little wicker rocking chair,
As I watch a curling iron curl my grandma's hair,
While little puffs of smoke,
Go puff puff in the air,
And all at once my Grand-mama she isn't there.

(Circa 1976)

Pink Penguins Plucked a Plank of Phlegm,
Purple were there ways.
Flanked by Massive passiveness,
Numbered were their days.
Lightening lit the luminous sky,
Luxurious Lavishly Flashing,
Flitting a float on Orion's Boat,
Pretty Pinkies Picked Pike a Note.
Pirates Passionately Pressed their poems,
Promisingly Passive roles,
Playing for Pennies and Cones from their Pines,
Frolicking Frugally,
Precious Sublime,
A Glorious Gathering,
Attentively Swevlt,
Garnished in Goiters,
And Flattened to Melt.
A Liquid of Penguins,
Prudishly Played,
Up on a penthouse,
Tripping on Acid,
Lay them down in the Shade.

(Circa 1978)

Dance Slime,
Wet Sweat,
Prance Dance,
Hot Trot,
Sweaty Sock,

I was on Acid on this trip in a club in Eugene, Oregon and It was so Hot. Let me tell you how hot it was.
"I was so wet with sweat in a hot smoke-filled room with drunks and music and massive cigarette smoke that my socks were sinking into my shoes from my feet and eventually they sunk into the deepest pits at the bottom of my soul.
That is what I felt."

(Circa 1984)

You might think I'm Kinda cute,
And you might think I'm Funny,
But I have to buy some Candy,
For my Sugar who is a honey.

(Circa 1984)

Rain Rain you make me lame,
When you drop on me.
Cos' I am Sugar, Can't you see.
When I get wet,
I melt a little bit,
Cos' I'm Sugar, Can't you see,
Oh My goodness you dropped on me,
And now I am melting, A little bit.

What I Don't Want To Be
12 April 1992

I donít want to be lonely, unhappy, hungry or sad,
I donít want to grow old and be grouchy, grumpy or sad,
I donít want no headaches, no heartaches or be had,
I donít want to be Byron, Richard or Douglas or Brad,
I donít want to be cold or freezing and go about unclad,
I donít want to be the start of a new fad,
I donít want to be dishonest, or be called a scab,
I donít want a BMW, or a Jaguar or Cad,
I donít want to be lazy or simple or crash on a pad,
I donít want to lie or make out that Iím bad,
Iím 50-years-old, and Iím 3-childrens dad,
Holy smokes, no more tokes,
Yikes and egad, Itís no wonder Iím so strange,
But Iím not really mad!

12 April 1992

Her lips were soft like velvet cushions,
Luscious dripping succulent red and wet,
And she licked them with her tongue,
As our eyes and lips both met,
And I placed my hand upon her,
In the bed where we both set,
And I licked her warm small nipples,
watched her growing glowing swollen tit.

September 10, 2011

Its a great day for a "White Wedding," yeah! Its a great day for starting again.
Why? you might inquire as to why girls thought I was hot?
And I would reply that it was terribly "Hot in the City"
And the reason I was soaking from sweating is because I had been "Dancing With Myself."
Since my lady had asked me to cum, I then came to her room as her boon.
"She begged me to cum, to please cum all over her belly,
She insisted on me cumming, so I slowly moved towards that cumming space.
She asked me to hold it so we could both come together,
When we heard a wind a blowin' howlin,' thrashing fiercely through the trees,
breathing and a blowin' cold air breath throughout the room,
looking up at several shotguns, a white wedding gown and tux,
while Procol Harem in the background sang "A Whiter Shade of Pale,"
all our kinfolks sent us all real creepy email.
Their most hated comment being,
"Hey Little Sister, What Have You Done?"
"Hey Little Sister, What Have You Done?"
"Hey Little Sister, What Have You Done?"
"Hey Little Sister, What Have You Done?"
"Hey Little Sister, What Have You Done?"
Do I hear an echo in here?
"Hey Little Sister, What Have You Done?"
"Hey Little Sister, What Have You Done?"
"Hey Little Sister, Whose the Only One?"
"Hey Little Sister, Shotgun."
"What a nice day for a "White Wedding."
Shit! Now, all of a sudden I realize while all our kinfolks is a singin,'
We both turn our heads upwards to see our Friggin parents coming into my bedroom.
"What Happened, one may asked?"
They caused us coitus interrupted us in the middle of our rapture,
Moments just before we had even began to begun.
A moment that only happens once in a life time, is a moment to remember.
And it was what we both had wanted, but something our inbred brainless parents
only had "Twice in their Life Time."
Remember, they being parents, our parents had no brains.
And this resulting early morning 'shotgun White Wedding"
Cos' Father caught us both in bed.
And he made us both wear white, for the Virgins we both were.
Only one minor detail, that I forgot to tell and now I dwell upon,
Is that my lover is my sister, yet we still have never got it on.
Problem is that we are not so both alone.  Cos' she softly whispered in my ear,
Its no sin "To Be A Lover"
So when you hear your "Love Calling,"
It means she is just as hot as you are as "Hot in the City"
and that she will willingly trade to you
Her "Flesh For Fantasy.

"Why you might asked?"
"Because Billy is her Idol. And their God is "Mony Mony."
[Generic Spelling for Money in Punkish).

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