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In this section you will find several newspaper clippings regarding the occurrence and use of visionary mushrooms in Nebraska.
They are arranged alphabetically by newspapers and then Chronologically by dates.

A page devoted to newspaper clippings from Nebraska

July 2, 2009.

Deputies: 'Shroom' Seizure Biggest In State
Driver Says He Works For Band Touring East Coast

POSTED: 11:58 am CDT July 2, 2009
UPDATED: 6:32 pm CDT July 2, 2009

OMAHA, Neb. -- A Sarpy County deputy seized 60 pounds of hallucinogenic mushrooms during a traffic stop Tuesday on Interstate 80, one of the largest mushroom seizures in the state, according to Capt. John Kucer.

Capt. John Kucer

The driver said he worked on the road crew for a music band that was touring the East Coast, Kucer said. Deputies did not indicate whether the driver told them the name of the band.

Stephen Goldsmith

Stephen Goldsmith, 47, of California, was booked on felony drug charges.

Deputies said Goldsmith acted suspicious when they pulled over his California-plated vehicle near Gretna.

A K-9 indicated the presence of drugs and deputies searched the vehicle.
Kucer could hardly believe his ears upon hearing the report. "I said, 'Do you mean 60 ounces,' and they said 'No, 60 pounds of these things,'" Kucer said.

Investigators estimated the drugs' street value at more than $100,000. Evidence workers wearing gloves packed the mushrooms into numerous white garbage bags to be taken to storage. Deputies said the quantity was unlike anything they have ever seen.

"He's got an audience out there," Kucer said of the suspect's destination. 'He's got customers every night."

Investigators also said Goldsmith was in possession of marijuana.

Psilocybin mushrooms, commonly called shrooms, cause a variety of psychedelic effects when consumed. Effects usually last between three and eight hours.

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