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Hello and welcome to our News archives.

In this section you will find several newspaper clippings regarding the occurrence and use of visionary mushrooms in Idaho.
They are arranged alphabetically by newspapers and then Chronologically by dates.

A page devoted to newspaper clippings from Idaho


Police Find Hallucinogenic Mushrooms
January 18, 2005

Blackfoot and Bingham County deputies had a rather unusual drug bust on Monday night.

They had a search warrant for a house on Dewey Street, and ended up charging 11 people with drug violations.

Here’s the unusual part. Inside the home they found an assault rifle, marijuana and hallucinogenic mushrooms. The street value is about $600 dollars for the mushrooms. Deputies are careful not to handle them because the toxins could absorb through the skin.

Eight people were cited and released for frequenting a place where drugs are sold.

Salvador Escreno was cited for marijuana possession.

Scott Anderson and Benito Lucio were also arrested.

Anderson was arrested for possession of marijuana and Lucio was busted for trafficking and possession with intent to deliver.

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