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Psilocybe cubensis (Earle) Singer from Orissa, India



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Below are two articles from issue 14 of High Times Magazine: October 1976. Two articles. One concerning the cop who killed two Florida mushroom pickers and a second article on the legalization of magic mushrooms (liberty caps) in Great Britain. For related news items from the British Press, please refer to the following page (Judges Rules Magic Mushrooms Legal in UK). Two additional articles in this same issue include an angry letter sent to High Times by ethnopharmacologist and botanist, Jonathan Ott who writes in response to an uninformed article on Amanita by Glen O'Brian from a previous issue of High Times and Jonathan Ott and Dr. Steven H. Pollock's interview of R. Gordon Wasson, soon to be posted in the new Scholarly Articles section at this site. Another news items was posted in regards to a nice collection of Psilocybe cubensis from a Texas aficionado of the sacred shrooms.

HIGH TIMES ISSUE 14, October, 1976

The Tallahassee Democrat
Wednesday September 28, 1988. Page 4C.

Magic 'Mushroom Dealer' May Face License Revocation
Unsigned. 1988abcd.

Tallahassee Democrat, Weds Sept 28, 1988


Circa 1988-1989. Date and Newspaper unknown.
Journalist is Dave Richardson in Florida


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At.Petersburg Times online Pasco county


Police pluck patty pickers from pasture of mushrooms

Police say six men trespassed to pick hallucinogenic mushrooms from piles of cow manure in a field.

Times Staff Writer
St. Petersburg Times
published August 1, 2002

WESLEY CHAPEL -- To be sure they got the pick of the patty, the six men arrived early, seeking "magic mushrooms" in the manure-dotted cow pasture.

But their drive north from St. Petersburg to Pasco County proved fruitless. Or "shroomless," rather. All six were arrested early Tuesday and face charges of trespassing.

Pasco County sheriff's deputies said the men picked the mushrooms, which contain the hallucinogenic substance psilocybin, and planned on eating them to get high.

Psilocybin is an illegal, controlled substance. But unlike most states, Florida doesn't consider simply possessing the mushrooms illegal, due to a ruling in a 1978 case known as Fiske v. State of Florida.

"You either have to be boiling them or in some way be preparing them for consumption," said sheriff's spokesman Kevin Doll. "One of the guys knew the case law and knew we couldn't get them for possession."

Sheriff's agricultural units arrested the pickers shortly after 8 a.m. in a pasture near State Road 54 and Bruce B. Downs Boulevard.

Why would they drive so far?

Doll said the many pastures in the county, where mushrooms often grow on cow patties, sometimes attract pickers from more urban areas. "It's not as big a problem as cocaine, meth, heroin or prescription drugs;" but it does happen, Doll said.

Four of the six men arrested Tuesday were from St. Petersburg: Robert Bryan Jones, 20, 2425 Burlington Ave.; Joshua Pridgeon, 22, 1110 Third St. S; Ronald Edward Hall, 20, 604 Roser Park Drive S; and Robert Hargis, 19, also of 604 Roser Park Drive S.

The two other men were David Jewell, 19, of New York; and Matthew James Bradshaw, 24, of Virginia.

Five of the six men have been released from jail. Only Jones remained in custody Wednesday evening, in lieu of $250 bail.

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