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Here we have a report from Alaska of the Power Bust.



Channel 2 news


Alaska Shroom Bust


Troopers seize hallucinogenic mushrooms
August 11, 2008 -

Alaska State Trooper investigators say they seized three pounds of hallucinogenic mushrooms and other drugs from a home in Wasilla.   

Residents of the home, Trenton Vogt, 27, and 26-year-old Jamie Vogt were charged with conspiracy and seven counts of drug misconduct.   

Investigators served the search warrant Thursday.   

They say they found 36 marijuana plants in two indoor gardens.   

Investigators also seized 8.5 grams of crystal methamphetamine, digital scales, packaging baggies and $1,135 in cash.   

Troopers say the mushrooms had an estimated street value of $19,000.

[JWA comment-three pounds of mushrooms are 48 ounces. Ounces sell for $60 to $100 per ounce. That means a profit of only $4800.00. Not $19,000 as the police spokes person alluded.]

As the administrator of this website, I am appalled at the sensationalistic Journalism over responsible reporting of drug cases I read about in local and national newspapers and the online on internet news services.  
This recent report posted above about about Troopers Seizing Hallucinogenic Mushrooms is again another fine example of a news outlet providing false information to the public.  
Three pounds of dried Psilocybe cubensis (homegrown) mushrooms are equal to 48 dried ounces. A dried ounce of those mushrooms sells for approximately $60 to $100 dollars per dried ounce, or $4800.00 for 48 ounces. However, that quantity also sells per dried pound at $600 to $800 which is an average price for psilocybian mushrooms. Thus wholesale, 3 dried pounds could fetch as much as $2400.00 nowhere near the alleged $19.000 dollars as the police spokesperson said.

For you to report that the State Troopers claimed the mushrooms had a street value of $19,000 is a blatant lie.

Most probably not intentionally on the part of the news service, but this is common amongst law enforcement agencies and their employees who try to bolster their accomplishments with high money values which are a lie.

Read about the history on Psilocybian Cultivation: A Brief History with more than 300 photographs of home grown mushrooms from all over the world.

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