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In this section you will find several newspaper clippings regarding the occurrence and use of visionary mushrooms in Portugal.
They are arranged alphabetically by newspapers and then Chronologically by dates.

A page devoted to newspaper clippings from Portugal



It's the first smartshop to open in Europe, outside the borders of Holland, where this concept was born. "The Magic Mushroom", which opened yesterday in one of Aveiro's shopping center, will be selling to adults a variety of natural products - plants, cacti and mushrooms - that possess hallucinogenic substances.

According to what the owner Carlos Marabuto told us, everything you find for sale inside the shop is completely legal, not listed as an illicit substance. He added : "We're not infringing the law, however, we won't hide the truth, and we say this natural products contain active compounds that can provide a trip lasting several hours."

Carlos Marabuto, who imports the merchandise from Holland, saw this business as "an excellent opportunity" and confesses he had no impediment licensing the shop. "I asked for a license to Aveiro's municipal authorities to open a "herb shop", allowing access to people older than 18. They thought it was odd, but the authorization was granted".

Yesterday, the day doors opened, smartshop "The Magic Mushroom" already had sets of ten of customers - mostly young people - and no visiting from the authorities. Salvia (also known as "Hierba Maria"), ready to be smoked or to make tea, cacti “with pure mescaline” (an hallucinogenic substance vastly used among American Indians), kits for cultivating 'magic mushrooms' and several instruments used in the consumption of drugs, are part of the list of selling products, with prices ranging between 5 and 60 euros.

Questioned about the impact this unknown store will have, Carlos Marabuto is confident that “he can be a factor on changing people mentalities”. “In Portugal, selling and consuming alcohol is acceptable, and surely it provokes much more problems and even more deaths, than the consumption of soft drugs”.

But regarding eventual legal complications, he reaffirms “everything is legal” and warns that if its customers “use, for example, a crop of `magic mushrooms' and sell it to other people, they're practicing a traffic related crime”.

According to portuguese law, everything he's selling is legal but mescaline. He's probably not aware of such fact, as i can't recall any recent change in drug law. Nevertheless, i think he might face some problems, let's hope not ...

Anyway, regarding being the first smartshop outside Holland in Europe, correct me if i'm wrong, but didn't the UK have, or has, similar smartshops ?

Btw, i also saw a piece about this on the national TV news. So everyone is aware now, things will move fast in regards to finally permit or prohibit this shop.


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