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A page devoted to newspaper clippings, unusual articles some psilocybian mushroom trivia

Hello and welcome to our News archives. In this section you will find a wide variety of newspaper clippings regarding the visionary mushrooms. I Started to catalogue these clippings back in 1973.
They are arranged alphabetically newspapers and then chronologically by dates.
In addition, I would like to add that one must not believe everything one reads in a newspaper. Although the majority of these articles are loaded with misinformation, They were at the time, the only source of public knowledge regarding the sacred mushrooms.



Three Men Charged After Massive Grow-Op Bust
Friday November 24, 2006

They came with search warrants for five apartments, but instead Toronto Police say they uncovered a marijuana grow operation with tentacles that spread throughout 22 units in a Jane Street high rise, putting residents on virtually every floor at risk of health problems and other potential hazards.

On Friday morning residents of 2600 Jane St., near Sheppard, expressed their shock and concern over the massive operation that produced an estimated $6.5 million in pot. Authorities uncovered the illegal outfit Thursday evening, allegedly seizing

approximately 6,000 plants, 30 lbs. of dried marijuana and equipment.

"That's bad because we need a safe environment," resident Eldad Dookie said Friday.

Three men - including the building's superintendent - are facing a total of 15 charges and appeared in court Friday morning. Police also released some amazing video of footage shot inside the apartments used to grow the illicit product (top left).

Investigators were not only astonished at the size of the alleged grow-op, but the danger it posed to residents with both the mould and the potential for fire.

"This is a huge public safety issue to the other tenants in this building based on, you know, the use of the electricity, the threat of fire. It's not a matter of if it catches. It's when," Det. Sgt. David Malcolm explained.

The ovens were apparently unplugged in all 22 of the units and those outlets were allegedly used to power 1,000-watt bulbs used to grow the plants.

The building manager said most high rises in the city only have one hydro meter, making it virtually impossible for them to know how much electricity individual units are using.

How could an entire building filled with tenants not know what was going on? The secrecy was intense, with those behind the scheme even covering up their mail slots to keep any telltale smells from leaking out.

Daniel Wallace, 47, Tat Thang Nguyen, 35, and Dinh Pham, 46 are charged.

Toronto's Police Chief claims it's just another example of what his people are always fighting.

"It's a lucrative criminal enterprise, and so I don't think we really should be surprised," Bill Blair  comments on the discovery. "But I think the scope of this one was certainly unusual.

"But it does indicate that we have a serious problem with marijuana grow operations and we have to continue to be vigilant to root them out, shut them down and to put the people that are responsible for that crime in jail."

But while the danger may be gone, it's not forgotten. Some residents plan to move out after their experience.

And police acknowledge they have good reason to worry.

"There has to be hundreds of thousands of dollars of damage to the building now," admits Staff Inspector Don Campbell.

Notices were placed on doors around the complex informing residents of the grow-op bust and the health dangers associated with them.

The mould from the grow-op presents a real challenge to those who lived near the gruesome gardens.

"I heard that building is a little contaminated," worries Carmen Chavez, who lived next door to one of the affected units. "So safety, the health, is more important for us."

Local councilor Michael Thompson believes no one should be living there until health officials give it the all clear. They'll be checking the building Friday night.

"I think what we really should be looking at is at the building really should be evacuated," the politician maintains. "I'm concerned that there could be contamination."

Police don't believe that will be necessary, but admit there's a lot of cleaning up to do.
"We're going to be sending at least two inspectors to visit the property, do a visual inspection," outlines Dr. Howard Shapiro, Toronto's Associate Medical Officer of Health. "We need to do a complete check before we can complete our assessment."

The 22 units involved will have to be thoroughly cleaned before they can be rented again. And if tenants leave, there may be even more rooms for rent at the address than ever before.

The investigation is ongoing and authorities are urging anyone with information to call police at (416) 808-6100 or Crime Stoppers at (416) 222-TIPS.

This isn't the first time police have visited this apartment building to break-up an alleged drug operation. A similar outfit was uncovered a few months ago at the same complex.

  • Thompson has organized an emergency community meeting for noon Saturday at the Dominico Deluca Community Center.  Police, fire and public health officials will all be in attendance.

Authorities are not only concerned about potential health and fire hazards, but of the violence associated with the illegal outfits and the weapons criminals are using to protect their crops, including high-powered rifles and booby traps. To see some of what police are up against, click here.

To see unedited video of the grow-op tour in the raw, click here.

Local News - Friday, August 31, 2007 @ 08:00

A 29-year-old Owen Sound man caught with cocaine, magic mushrooms and guns was sentenced to two years in federal prison Tuesday.

Paul McDougall of 317 11th St. E., Apt. 2 in Owen Sound pleaded guilty in the Ontario Court of Justice to possession of 76 grams of cocaine for the purpose of trafficking, 66 grams of psilocybin, or magic mushrooms, unauthorized possession of a prohibited pistol and possession of a rifle for the purpose of trafficking.

Justice Bradley accepted McDougall's guilty plea in Owen Sound court and ordered $3,715 cash found in the raid be forfeited.

Federal Crown attorney Doug Grace said McDougall had an unrelated record and the resolution was arrived at after a pretrial. The gun trafficking charge stemmed from McDougall's intention to use a rifle as collateral for a drug debt. That charge drew an automatic one-year jail sentence.

Police searched McDougall's apartment and initially arrested three people. McDougall was the only one charged, police said at the time. The RCMP was contacted about 51 cartons of contraband cigarettes and a yellow container of yellow duty paid bands that were found in the apartment, city police also said at the time.


CANADA - London Free Press

Dec 9, 2007

A robber testified yesterday he was tripping out on drugs when he assaulted and robbed a cabbie, stole the cab and crashed it into a tree.

Orlando Mendoza, 19, pleaded guilty to one count of robbery for what a judge called a "bizarre" attack on a U-Need-A cab driver.

Mendoza robbed the cabbie after ingesting a bag of magic mushrooms on Aug. 5, 2006.

He apologized to Superior Court Justice Helen Rady before she gave him an 18-month conditional sentence.

Assistant Crown attorney James Spangenberg told Rady the cab driver had been dispatched to the Marconi Boulevard area. The cab was not intended for Mendoza, who flagged it down anyway.

Once in the cab, he demanded money. The driver said he had only $20.

Mendoza punched the driver, damaged the cab's computer and demanded the keys. Mendoza drove the cab through the housing complex, eventually hitting a tree near his home.

He ran into a house, where police arrested him. Once at police headquarters, Mendoza continued to act strangely.

Defense lawyer Wally Libis told Rady his client had eaten the entire bag of mushrooms offered to him by friends. He said Mendoza thought the cab driver was related to the devil.

Mendoza's pre-sentence report said he had problems with authority and school, but no previous trouble with violent behaviour.

He's working full-time and wants to go back to school. Mendoza's family has been supportive, Rady noted.

The judge said cab driving is a particularly vulnerable occupation and she had to take into account public safety concerns.

But Mendoza's expression of remorse and his recent good behaviour convinced her he could serve his sentence in the community.

The first 12 months will be house arrest, she said, allowing Mendoza to leave his home only for work or school. His parents must accompany him on any medical appointments.

He's banned from drug and alcohol consumption.

Rady also placed Mendoza on probation after he serves his sentence and ordered him to complete 100 hours of community service.

He must also pay $1,000 for the damage to the cab and give a DNA sample.

"You've been given a bit of an opportunity here," Rady told Mendoza.


Huge haul of magic mushrooms seized in traffic stop

Thu Mar 27, 2008

OSHAWA -- Cops acting on a hunch seized a huge haul of psychedelic drugs in a traffic stop Monday evening in Oshawa.

Detectives followed a vehicle they'd spotted behind a business on King Street West around 7 p.m. and initiated a traffic stop, seizing almost 1.8 kilograms of psilocybin, commonly known as magic mushrooms, with a street value of almost $36,000, Durham police said. Police also found 110 grams of marijuana and eight grams of hashish.

Matthew Macavelia, 19, of Glen Street in Oshawa, and a 16-year-old Oshawa male whose identity is protected by law are charged with drug possession and possession for the purpose of trafficking.

Ontario Canada.

Belleville Intelligencer
Ontario, Canada

The Intelligencer.
May 23, 2008

Magic Mushroom Shop shut down.


A home used as a staging ground for the production of magic mushrooms was shut down by provincial police here over the weekend.

Officers with the drug enforcement team Project Longarm executed a search warrant at an undisclosed address in the Bancroft area. Inside the home, police not only found a sophisticated production facility for psilocybin (magic mushrooms), but also a marijuana growing operation.

The total amount of pot and magic mushrooms seized from the residence was valued by police to have a street value of $64,000.

A 28-year-old man, whose name was withheld by police, faces numerous drug possession and trafficking charges.

He is scheduled to appear in Bancroft court in June to face the charges.

Nine arrested in Alliston drug sweep at two west end houses

Posted June 30, 2009

Nottawasaga OPP completed a one week investigation yesterday with simultaneous search warrants executed at two neighboring locations in west end Alliston that netted nine arrests and a variety of narcotics and weapons.

OPP reported this afternoon that "although both houses were close to each other police believe they were operating independently of each other."

According to the press release, police seized approximately 315 grams of psilocybin (magic mushrooms), 16 grams of Cannabis Resin (Hashish), 14 grams of methamphetamine, 14 grams of cocaine, 130 grams of Cannabis Marihuana and an ecstasy tablet. Estimated street value of seized drugs was $5,300. Two rifles, ammunition, and prohibited knives, along with $3,500 cash and drug paraphernalia were also seized.

Nine people are facing a variety of charges including; Possession of a Controlled Substance, Possession of a Controlled Substance for the Purpose of Trafficking, Possession of Prohibited Weapon, Careless Storage of a Firearm and ammunition and breach of recognizance. Two of the nine arrested parties were released. The remainder were held for bail hearings to appear in Barrie Court today.

The OPP did not release names or addresses of the "accused persons as young kids were located in each of the residence and additional investigation will be conducted to ensure the safety of the children."

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Pntario, Canada

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