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A Review of Andy Letcher's book
"Shrooms: A Cultural History."

H. Mowrey


H. Mowrey's Review of Andy Letcher's book, Shrooms: A Cultural History
384 pages of an irrelevant argument (July 22, 2008.

The very idea that any substance initialized religion is absurd. I define religion as the ideas and/or organization that occurs as a result of fundamental questioning, like, "what is all this for? Why are we here?" etc. Questions like those are the basis of any religious or spiritual effort and precede ingestion of psychadelic [psychedelic, sic!] substances. Psychadelics [Psychedelics, sic!) then aid in altering perspective and function as self-investigative tools. I believe this book is a scholarly work for those interested not in the direct application of spiritual practices, but in historical theories.

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