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Fresh Mushrooms of Tiel, Nederlands.
Procare Mushrooms of Hazerswoude Dorp, Nederlands.

A Tour of the World’s Largest Producer of Magic Mushrooms.
John W. Allen.

This is an extended version of my article in Head magazine.
The original missive was 28 pages in length, but was excised to 5 pages.
First published in Heads Magazine (Online) Volume 7 Issue 5, 2007.

“Imagine!” Those were the words once spoken and sung by the late John Lennon. “Imagine” I may ask you? Can you picture a beautiful perfect world where mushrooms are grown freely? Can you feel their presence? Can you see them? Do you hear them calling out to you? And could you believe that they are there only for you and me and all to see? A world where one can legally pick their own special friends from the wild and/or obtain them from a world where they are cultivated for the masses with the sole intent purpose of satisfying ones dreams and desires. Can you believe in a land where personal freedoms are honored, cherished, and guaranteed by the government and by all who live there?

Imagine, a land where one can purchase and smoke ganja as well as indulge in the safe sanctity of an altered state of a consciousness brought on by the introduction into ones own stellar bio-system, a mushroom, considered to be taken like it is the sacrament of the Eucharist. To be in a land where you may enjoy life in peace and safety, in an atmosphere consisting entirely of love and respect for others personal freedoms without fear of prosecution by others who do not approve of what you do or what you believe in.

Well there is such a place, and that sanctuary of complete freedom of mind and body exists solely in the Nederland’s. It is there in Holland where Amsterdam and Rotterdam are but the centric hub of free public and private psychoactivity are enjoyed by those who live throughout the country and this same freedom is allowed for all those who visit this country and throughout Europe and the United Kingdom, the paddo psychonauts are aware that the consciousness of the mushrooms has spread from border to border. And that this consciousness is freely shared with all who are fortunate to visit this beautiful land of free thought.

Yes! I am but one of the lucky psychonauts who came to see what few have seen before. But in this land, this beautiful European country of windmills, tulips, Great Cheese (Gouda), incredible labyrinths of canals and museums, this land where reside some of the most beautiful exquisite paintings in the world.

I also had the honour of becoming acquainted with some of the warmest kindest fellow humans beings I have ever had the pleasure to meet with in my entire life; and now, they too are now my friends for life. It was here in the Nederlands where I came to learn about the mystique behind the progenitors of these sacred mushrooms and the protectors of the laws who allow them to be freely shared by those whose interests lie beyond that of the m normal mindset.

It was here that I met with those who are allowed the human right to legally cultivate these mushrooms and share them with us and the world. Yes, this is surely a most amazing land where the individual has a legal and moral right to chose and partake of these sacred mushrooms without the interference or fear of persecution by governmental law enforcement authorities, and a parliament which respects and guarantees the human birthright to partake of the earths sacred plants and mushrooms without fear of legal prosecution. Prosecution and persecution which occurs and is enforced in most countries where laws are enacted to restrict such rights. Something very few people are legally allowed to do in countries other than the Nederlands.

Imagine, if you will? The right to have such a freedom of choice? The freedom to share with your body and mind, the soul of these sacred mushrooms and other sacred earthly plants, a freedom shared by all who read of this tale and realize they share this same symbiosis with others of a likewise nature.

How is this possible?

Well, when I arrived in Amsterdam, I soon learned that there are five more special sanctuaries to be seen and I realized that, like an astronaut on an expedition to outer space, that most of the entheogenic world will unfortunately never behold the splendor of a legal farm which produces magic mushrooms, and I knew that because of that they could never able to share with others, the very growth of such mushrooms that which my eyes would soon behold. Being able to see the mushrooms giving birth and maturing from their infancy to their harvesting was as wondrous as actually seeing the many myriad geodesical, symmetrical and kaleidoscopic visuals for which the mushrooms themselves are known to induce and produce in one's mind when consumed by humankind.

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