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The Collected Psilocybian papers of Dr. Gastón Guzmán
Anthropological and Cultural Historical Mushroom Data for Amateurs, Students and Scholars

A collection of rare and hard to fine articles on psilocybian mushrooms by the world renown mycologist, Dr. Gastón Guzmán and and numerous co-authors who assisted him in his life long studies related to the neurotropic fungi of the world.

Single Author Papers by Gastón Guzmán

(1): Nuevos Hongos (Agaricales) de la zona Tropical de Mexico.
(2): Supplement to the monograph of the genus Psilocybe.
(3): Observations on some fungi from Louisiana and Mississippi in comparison with those of Mexico.
(4): Las Especies de Psilocybe (Fungi) basidiomycotina, Agaricales) Conocidas en Jalisco (México) y Descripcíon de dos Nuevum para la Ciencia.
(5): New combinations in Hypholoma and information on the distribution and properties of the species.
(6): New species and new records of Psilocybe from Spain, the U.S.A. and Mexico, and a new case of poisoning by Psilocybe Barrerae.
(7): Hallucinogenic, medicinal, and edible mushrooms in Mexico and Guatemala: Traditions, myths, and knowledge.
(8): Traditional Uses and Abuses of Hallucinogenic Fungi: Problems and Solutions.
(9): Fungi in the Maya Culture: Past, Present and Future.
(10): The Known Hallucinogenic Species of Psilocybe (Agaricomycetideae) in the World: Traditional Uses and Distribution.
(11): The Known Non-Hallucinogenic species of Psilocybe in Mexico and description of two new species (Basidiomycotina, Agaricales, Strophariaceae.
(12): Psilocybe (Basidiomycotina, Agaricales, Strophariaceae) in the World Mycobiota, with Special Attention to Hallucinogenic Properties.
(13):Diversity and Use of Traditional Mexican Medicinal Fungi.
(14): Hallucinogenic Mushrooms in Mexico: An Overview.
(15): A Compilation of all Described Species in the Section Mexicanae (Guzmán). (A private paper in my files).
(16): New Taxonomic and Ethnomycological Observations of Psilocybe S.S. (Fungi, Basidiomycota, Agaricomycetidae, Agaricales, Strophariaceae) from Mexico, Africa and Spain.
(17): Las Relaciones de los Hongos Sagrados con el Hombre a Través del Tiempo.

Papers by Dr. Gastón Guzmán with one co-author

(18): Index of taxa in the genus Psilocybe.
(19): The known species of Psilocybe (Basidiomycotina, Agaricales, Strophariaceae) in Nepal.
(20): A new species of Psilocybe (Agaricales, Strophariceae) from Brazil.
(20a): The Neurotropic Psilocybe (Fr.) Kumm. (Agaricales, Strophariaceae) in Brazil: A Revision of the Known Species, the Fırst Record of P. wrightii, and the Synonymy of P. caeruleoannulata.
(21): The hallucinogenic and Non-hallucinogenic Species of the Genus Psilocybe Fayod (Basidiomycotina) in Washington State, USA: New Records and a New Species.

Papers by Dr. Gastón Guzmán with Two co-authors

(22): A new species of Psilocybe of section Zapotecorum from New Zealand.
(23): Index of the known species of the hallucinogenic fungi.
(24): A new bluing Psilocybe from Thailand.
(24a): Further Observations on the Genus Psilocybe from New Zealand.
(25): Mapping the mycelial network: a North American distribution of the psychoactive fungi.
(25a): A new bluing Psilocybe from U.S.A.
(26): Worldwide Geographical Distribution of the Neurotropic Fungi, an analysis and Discussion.
(26a): Another new bluing species of Psilocybe from Georgia, U.S.A.
(27): Nuevos registros en México de especies de Psilocybe (Basidiomycotina, Agaricales, Strophariaceae.
(28): Distribution of the Hallucinogenic Mushroom Psilocybe antioquensis Guzmán et al. (Agaricomycetideae) in Colombia, Mexico, and Cambodia.
(29): Las especies del género Psilocybe conocidas del Estado de Oaxaca, su distribución y relaciones étnicas.
(29a): New Species of Hallucinogenic Psilocybe (Fr.) P. Kumm. (Agaricomycetideae) from the Eastern U. S. A.
(30): First Discovery of the European Psilocybe magica (Agaricales, Strophariaceae) in America.
(31): Four new species of Psilocybe from Malaysia and Thailand, with a key to he species of Sect. Neocaledonicae and fiscussion on the distribution of the tropical and temperate species.
(32): A new for science neurotropic species of Psilocybe (Fr.) Kumm. (Agaricomycetideae) from the Western United States.
(33): New Combinations in the Genus Deconica (Fungi, Basidiomycota, Agaricales).
(34): The Japanese Hallucinogenic Mushrooms Psilocybe and a New Synonym of P. subcaerulipes with Three Asiatic Species Belong to Section Zapotecorum (Higher Basidiomycetes).
(35): Type studies of sensu lato (Strophariaceae, Agaricales).
(36): On the Origin of the Genus Psilocybe and Its Potential Ritual Use in Ancient Africa and Europe1.
(37): Medicinal Mushrooms in Guatemala.

Papers by Dr. Gastón Guzmán with Three co-authors

(37a): Two new bluing species of Psilocybe from Puerto Rico.
(38): Las especies del género Psilocybe (Fungi, Basidiomycotina, Agaricales) conocidas de Veracruz (México.
(39): New Hallucinogenic Mushrooms in Mexico Belonging to the Genus Psilocybe (Basidiomycotina, Agaricales, Strophariaceae).
(40): New section and new species of a bluing Psilocybe (fungi, basidiomycotina, Agaricales) from Colombia.
(41): A new bluing species of Psilocybe, section from New Mexico, U.S.A.
(42): A New record of Psilocybe pegleriana in Asia (Bsidiomicotina, Agaricales, Strophariaceae).
(43): Psilocybe (Basidiomycotina, Agaricales, Strophariaceae) in Canada, with a special review of species from British Columbia.
(44): A new bluing species of Psilocybe (Basidiomycota, Agaricales, Strophariaceae) - The first record of section Stuntzii for Mexico.
(45): Taxonomy and chemical aspects of Psilocybe wrightii from southern Brazil.
(46): Psilocybe s.s. in Thailand: Four new species and a review of previously recorded species.
(47): Psilocybe s. str. (Agaricales, Strophariaceae) in Africa with description of a new species from the Congo.

Papers by Dr. Gastón Guzmán with four co-authors

(48): The Genus Psilocybe in Kerala State, India.
(49): The taxonomy of Psilocybe fagicola-Complex.
(50): An Emendation of Psilocybe liniformans var. liniformans, an uncommon species found in the central Apennines (Italy).
(51): Psilocybe subbrunneocystidiata (Strophariaceae, Agaricales): A new species from southern Brazil.

Papers by Dr. Gastón Guzmán with five co-authors

(52): New Species of Psilocybe in the Caribbean, with an Emendation of P. guilartensis.
(53): Proposal to conserve the name Psilocybe (Basidiomycota) with a conserved type.

Papers by Dr. Gastón Guzmán with six co-authors

(54): Phylogenetic inference and trait evolution of the psychedelic mushroom genus Psilocybe sensu lato (Agaricales).

Many More Papers to Come. (Approx. 50-60).

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