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This is a good publication on my personal discoveries in the field of ethnomycology, however, the editor at Ronin Publishers failed as I was promised, to edit the final draft which caused damage to the academic value of this publication. There were 186 typos and numerous pixelated photos in the book. The Table of Contents does not link to the chapters described and the Index is also out of order as well. Yet this is a very informative book. A review of Divine Mushrooms and Fungi by Britt Bunyard is posted at

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This book is a short biography of John W. Allen which describes how he became interested in entheogenic plants and their aphrodisiacal effects on humans and animals in erotic tones. This study is a revised version of John W. Allen's, "Sex, Mushrooms and Rock and Roll." Ethnomycological Journals: Sacred Mushroom Studies vol. 8:1-65. Winter 2009-2010. It presents a historical hypothesis through text, erotic art, historical images and liberty cap photos and a first-hand personal of his first voyage on 55 liberty cap (i>Psilocybe semilanceata mushrooms in 1970 that led him to where is today.

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A brief introductory to the use of Psilocybe cubensis as a ludibly used species of psilocybian fungi amongst tourist populations in Mexico and rare use by indigenous peoples. Author's note: In 2015, Dr. Gastón Guzmán of the Instituto de Ecologia in Xalapa, Veracruz, Mexico noted that Psilocybe subcubensis is the same species as Psilocybe cubensis. This is the result of recent DNA ITS Sequencing. This chapter was removed from the book Divine Mushrooms and Fungi by the Editor.

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