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Galerina steglichii Besl.
Cap:7-13 x 2-3 mm.
Gills: (10)13-15 mm.
Stem: 12-23 x 0.8-2.2 mm. cylindrical.
Spores: 8.5-10 x 5.5-8.
Sporeprint: Rusty-orange brown.
Habitat: Found in a green house in Germany.
Distribution: Possibly tropical climates since it was only found once in a hothouse in Germany.
Season: Warm and after rainfalls in tropical climates?
Comments: Galerina steglichii is a tiny bluing tropical(?) species that was recently discovered in a hot house in the botanic gardens of Regensburg in Bavaria (GFR). Both psilocybine and psilocine were reported by Besl as occurring in this species. Gartz also analyzed some specimens in 1994. It was baptized in honour of Wolfgang Steglich, a chemist who has done a lot of research on, among others, fungal pigments. Gartz found both psilocine and psilocybine as well as small amounts of baeocystine in this species ranging from 0.05% to 0.14% dry weight.
Dosage: Unknown. And not recommended due to it's relationship with the deadly species of Galerina

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