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When I was just four years old I asked my grandfather to take me to Chicago's Lincoln Park Zoo so that I could have my picture taken on the bear. So this is me in the first picture on a little brown Bear.

Ever since that moment in time, I had an affinity with wild things. Hence this portfolio of some strange and interesting beings I have come across in my lifetime.

Here I am on October 30th of 1945, 3 weeks after becoming a three-year-old riding a pony at Lincoln Park, Chicago.

When I visited my sister in September, 1999 we went through a whole lot of old photographs and I found these two pictures of me. In the first photograph below, while on a pass from Ft. Ord, California (I was in the U.S. Army at the time), I went to Tiajuana in 1960 and had my picture taken while on a donkey painted like a Zebra.

This second picture shown below is of me and my brother-in-law Bill taken 17 years later in 1977 on a similar donkey.

This is a Cobra from Samui Island. I snapped this picture of this snake after a Chao Samui kid in military school uniform grabbed it. See Page 4 of this section for more Cobra images from Thailand.

Here are two images of me holding two large pythons. In the 1st image I am smiling. In the second image I am gasping for breath and the 3rd image is a close up of one of the two Pythons.

Hey, here we have a snake-in-the-grass. South Center Shopping Mall, Tukwilla, Seattle, Washington, 1977.

Now I come to a favorate sport of mine, horseback ridingin 1984.

And yet a close cousin of the horse, the mighty Peruvian Llama, circa 1985.

During many of my travels to Thailand I have had the honor to meet many wild exotic animals. Here I am with a baby Malaysian Tiger.

This next image is of me as a birdman at the Annual Breittenbush Mushroom Conference in 1992 in Oregon. I have my face pasted with a Peacock Feathered Mask created by a lady from British Columbia, Canada.

And here I am in Waikiki, Hawaii in 1988 with a MaCaw.

Well looky here below at this image titled:
The Shroomer and the Horse

Anyone for a Camel ride, these guys are great fun as long as you do not look them in the eyes too long. If you do they will spit mucous slime all over your face and head.

An Albino camel and me

On many of my Thailand tours and treks I manage to ride elephants in the vicinity of the "Golden Triangle." It is here where I rode my first elephant as seen below. I fell in love with this girl. What a ride.

It was also because of this elephants mean father that I had to get circumsized. Here is the reason why.

Now aren't these little fellows adorable. The Black Panther has claws, that is why his paws are not on my bare knees. The leopard, his brother has had his front claws removed, thus he can not scratch my knees and legs.

Now its time to monkey around a little bit. Here I am in Penang, Malaysia at the Royal Botanical Gardens. The hat I am wearing says I've been to Penang. See the coconut monkeys. One of them bit my finger. This first image was taken in 1989.

And here I am in Chewang, Koh Samui when they just started to make asphalt roads. The second image is at an art store on Koh Samui Island with a different type of monkey.

And here are five images of me and a young Orangatang who kept trying to kiss me with this horrible bad breath coming out of his mouth.

Here are three images of me with a large Tiger.

And here are two more images taken at different times--of me with a tiger circa 1989-1990.

Well looky here below at this image titled:
The Shroomer and the Bear

This image of the bear and me has been photo shopped
Amd here are some Cheetahs, friends I like to play around with. these kittens are actually pretty cool to play with.

This image of me and the Jaguar has been photo shopped.

Later while visiting the set of a new Thai-Japanese Dinosaur film set I ran into this unlikely character who thought that i was not the shroom hero I really am, so I shroomed him into submission and now he chases chickens for the local tribal groups living in Lanna Thai.

And finally some images of me with a baby tiger where I am bottle feeding the little bugger. Isn't he cute. Everyone should have a baby tiger in his home

And there you have my catalogue of me and my latest adventures with my wild animal friends.

And now for something different. Here are three images from my 2003 travels to the other side of the world.

These three images have been photo shopped


One Large Critter
who was sleeping until someone called out my name to come to ID some shrooms. the bear awoke and seemed to be in heat. I fled.

And now for the cobras The Cobras were photographed by me while in Bangkok, Thailand

A few years ago on one of my Thailand tours and treks I was bitten on my toe by a two foot cobra. So I really had to face this bugger. Would you get this close to one if you saw him? Okay, then try this?

Suddenly a second cobra came out from the bushes on the side of the walkway to the cabin

This is the one I call "Big Pink."

Milking the Cobra for Anti-venom

A Cobra has two penises as seen in these two photos directly above

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