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When I was just four years old I asked my grandfather to take me to Chicago's Lincoln Park Zoo so that I could have my picture taken on the bear. So this is me in the first picture on a little brown Bear.

Ever since that moment in time, I had an affinity with wild things. Hence this portfolio of some strange and interesting beings I have come across in my lifetime.

Here I am on October 30th of 1945, 3 weeks after becoming a three-year-old riding a pony at Lincoln Park, Chicago.

When I visited my sister in September, 1999 we went through a whole lot of old photographs and I found these two pictures of me. In the first photograph below, while on a pass from Ft. Ord, California (I was in the U.S. Army at the time), I went to Tiajuana in 1960 and had my picture taken while on a donkey painted like a Zebra.

This second picture shown below is of me and my brother-in-law Bill taken 17 years later in 1977 on a similar donkey.

This is a Cobra from Samui Island. I snapped this picture of this snake after a Chao Samui kid in military school uniform grabbed it. See Page 4 of this section for more Cobra images from Thailand.

Here are two images of me holding two large pythons. In the 1st image I am smiling. In the second image I am gasping for breath and the 3rd image is a close up of one of the two Pythons.

Hey, here we have a snake-in-the-grass. South Center Shopping Mall, Tukwilla, Seattle, Washington, 1977.

Now I come to a favorate sport of mine, horseback ridingin 1984.

And yet a close cousin of the horse, the mighty Peruvian Llama, circa 1985.

During many of my travels to Thailand I have had the honor to meet many wild exotic animals. Here I am with a baby Maylaysian Tiger.

This next image is of me as a birdman at the Annual Breittenbush Mushroom Conference in 1992 in Oregon. I have my face pasted with a Peacock Feathered Mask created by a lady from British Columbia, Canada.

And here I am in Waikiki, Hawaii in 1988 with a MaCaw.

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