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"Exotic Forays Goes to Cambodia 1999-2006


"The Ancient Temple of Angkor Wat."

Welcome to Xiem Riap, Kampuchea, formerly known as Siem Riap, Cambodia. Home of Angkor Wat and other temples.

The following images are compiled from numerous (10) visits during an eight year period to the temples which are the splendor that once was Angkor. I call them the temples at "The Gates of Dawn." They are in my dreams. The temples are nothing less then awesomely spectacular and once you have viewed their majesty and archaic splendor, you will never feel the same again. Just to stand in their presence is an honor and an achievement which all should undertake at least once in their lifetime.

So sally forth and enjoy. My final trip to this region of the world was in the summer-fall of 2006 with one participant, Dr. William Harrison of CSUN, California. It was my last excursion there. In order to make a final journey I would need 4-5 participants to be able to make this journey with me in order for me to go one more time.

I hope you all enjoy these pages from Cambodia.
Best regards,
John W. Allen

Cambodia August-September 2006
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