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Exotic Forays Presents
CAMBODIA Aug 2006-Sept 2006.


On the right of the walkway to Angkor Wat.

Welcome to Exotic Forays excursion to Siem Riap, Kampuja (Kampuchea), formerly known as Xiem Riap, Cambodia. Home of the ancient temples of Angkor Wat, Angkor Bayon, Angkor Thom and many others. These images are compiled from ten or more our road trips from Aranyapraphet/Pophet at the Thai Cambodian border to the modern township of Xiem Riap, wherein lies the ancient temples of Shiva and Lord Buddha. The Temples at the Gates of Dawn. They are nothing less then awesome and once you have viewed their majesty and archaic splendor as I have, then you too will never feel the same again. Just to stand in their presence is an honor and an achievement which all should undertake at least once in their lifetime.
So let your Journey began.
So sally forth and enjoy.
Best regards,
John W. Allen

The Many Faces of Cambodia (Kampuchea)

From The Air to Cambodia

My 3-Day Pass to the Angkor Wat Compounds

A statue at the airport at Xiem Riap

Two signs in the town of Xiem Riap, Cambodia

The Walkway to Angkor over the moat and looking left at the temple

Angkor Wat

Back View of Angkor Wat. Major Repairs Continous Near Perfect Condition

Angkor along the the first outergate facing to the left of the wall

One of two libraries on both sides of the walkway to Angkor Wat

A Horse Near the temple.

A Temple near Banteay Kdei.

Frogs and/or Toads?

A couple of specimens of Panaeolus sphinctrinus fruiting from a burlap bag of Elephant stashed in a tree.

A couple of cool trees: one Banyon and one quite Gnarly.

An elephant on a walkabout.

Beautiful Flowers near Elephant Krall.

A non-termite shroom growing from a termite mound near Angkor Bayon.

Here are a few bas-reliefs on many of the walls and partitions of the Bayon temple.

The Many Heads of Angkor Bayon.

Elephant wall temple.

Banteay Kdei: 2 Shroom Helpers with Russula species.

Along the Wall where we made the major collecton of Psilocybe antioquensis.

A species of Amanita, probably an edible one. See the sac (vulva).

Another gate to an unidentified temple entrance.

Farther down a dirt road and past a Buffalo-driven cart,to the E.S.Y. (Elephant Shit Yard).

Panaeolus antillarum at the ESY (Elephant Shit Yard).

This is but one-fifth of the field where the elephant shit was dumped.

Prah Kharn.

The Back Entrance to Prah Kharn.

Land-Mine Victims Playing Traditional Kampuja Music.

A Papaya Tree in the Middle of the Temple in the Middle of the Jungle.

The Swimming Monkeys of Angkor Wat in Color

Paintings of Angkor Region Sold Everywhere Around the Temple Markets.

A Painting of a Boy on a Water Buffalo and the Actual Boy in the Painting Next to it.

Traditional Cambodian Dancing

Cambodian Mushrooms and the Vendors Who Collect and Sell The Mushrooms at Angkor.
Cambodian Shrooms are called 'sutp' and these edibles are Leach (Pronounced as Leack)

Some Images from Ta Proeh (Home of Lara Croft: Tomb Raider) in Color

Some Cambodian Dancers at Ta Proehm for Tourist Photo Shoots

Some Beautiful colored Bas-Reliefs From the First Outer Wall of Angkor Wat
No one is longer allowed to do any more temple rubbings on the Bas-Reliefs

Shiva Holding What Appears to be A Mushroom in Hand.

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