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Aranyaprathet/Pophet-Thai/Cambodian Border

Welcome to Exotic Forays excursion to Siem Reap, Kampuja (Kampuchea), formerly known as Xiem Riep, Cambodia. Home of the ancient temples of Angkor Wat, Angkor Bayon, Angkor Thom and many others. These images are compiled from our road trip from Aranyapraphet/Pophet at the Thai Cambodian border to the modern city of Siem Riep, wherein lies the ancient temples of Shiva and Lord Buddha. The temples at the Gates of Dawn. They are nothing less then awesome and once you have viewed their majesty and archaic splendor as I have, then you too will never feel the same again. Just to stand in their presence is an honor and an achievement which all should undertake at least once in their lifetime. So let the Journey began.
So sally forth and enjoy.
Best regards,
John W. Allen

"The Journey Begins"

"border refugees"

"Restaurants at the Thai/Cambodian Border"

"An over loaded Truck in Front of our Vehicle"

"Some Children in the Village of Xiem Riep"

"A Young Chicken Vendor. Not Satisfied with An American Dollar for Picture"

"A Young Girl Washes my clothes in the river"

"An Abused Lizard"

"A Three-Day Pass onto the Temple Grounds At Angkor"

"Milo with a coconut"

"Prah Kharn"

Some Sculpted Images at the Temples"

"My Field Assistance for A While"

"More Mushroom Pickers Helping Me Collect Specimens for Sporeprints"

"More Shroom Habitat at Angkor Wat Compound"

"Another Sculpture on the Walls of Angkor Wat"

"The Road Along The Angkor Moat (Moat is 600 X 800 Meters Around Angkor Wat)"

"Behind the Walls of Angkor Wat. Another Trail with Shrooms"

"Behind the Walls of Angkor Wat. Another Trail with Shrooms"

"A Young Cambodian Girl Dances for Raels"

"Copelandia cambodgeniensis"

Copelandia cyanescens

"Mjshroomer and his new assistant. He Chased the Other Children Away with a Switch Stick"

"20 Minutes Later, A small Collection of Copelandia cyanescens"

"Three Different Shrooms, Copelandia cyanescens (A), Psilocybe coprophila (C) and Panaeolus sphinctrinus" (B and D,E,and F)

"The Road from Xiem Riap back to Po Phet at the Thai/Cambodian Border"

"Four Happy Cambodians On a Motorcycle"

"The Road Ahead"

"Four More on A Motorcycle"

"A Young Cambodian Lad Swinning in his Yard"

"A young Boy Along the Road to Po Phet"

"A Mushroom T-Shirt Purchased in Cambodia"

"I Found This Sculpted Image of Lord Shiva Holding a Mushroom on the Bas Reliefs at Angkor Wat"

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