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Big Buddha as of September 2006

Welcome to Big Buddha, Koh Samui
This page of this segment of the Exotic forays site represent trips 3 and 4 of some of my visits at Big Buddha between 1987 and 1988. During this period, I want to show some of the progression of the damage to Big Buddha and the surrounding area since I first visited this beautiful spiritual habitat of the Chao Samui. These images presemted below are mixed into a pictorial setup showing some of the damage to Big Buddha's skeletal form. Again, some of these years I stayed for 3-6 months of collecting prints and traveling the region from Goa, India in Tamilnadu in the Western Ghat Mountains, to Pokhara, Nepal, to Thailand, Burma, Cambodia, Vietnam, Malayasia, Indonesia and Bali, including Jakarta, Java; and Sumatra.

Here we have a good image of the little islet with two causeways onto the property. The one on the right is usually submerged.

These three images leading from on down the highway and causeway to Big Buddha were photographed on the same day in 1987.

This beautiful blue water image was taken about 8 months later in 1988.

These two images of Big Buddha site were taken six months apart in 1987. You can actually view some of the cabins in the foggy image on the left and months later I tried to recapture the same image in the Cocos nucifera framed space that the first image was photographed at. I almost got it perfect.

This particular image was taken a year later in 1988.

These are images of Big Buddha and his Guardians of the Gate.

An image of me along with Big Buddha and one of his Guardians.

Here are more images of Big Buddha and damages sustained from the forces of monsoon wind and rain over the years that eventually washed away the plaster exposing the wired frame of the structure, thus showing how badly it was in need of repair. Over a twenty-year many locals, visiting tourists and others constantly made daily donations time framed by visiting tourists from around the world.

A smaller image of Buddha at the base of Big Buddha.

This is a powerful image. A view of the causeway to Big Buddha and the shoreline along the road to Big Buddha from Bo Phut Beach to the far top right of the image. About 6 km.

Two more images of the sculptures opposite of Big Buddha at the short usually submerged causeway to the islet.

And one more image of the fountain to the left of the Guardians of the Gate into Big Buddha.

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