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Big Buddha as of September 2006

Welcome to Big Buddha, Koh Samui
The pages of this segment of the Exotic forays site represent 11 trips of visits at Big Buddha between 1986 and 2006. During this period, I visited many more times but I wanted to display in this pictorial, the progression of the repairs to Big Buddha and the surrounding sculptures, which, over the years since I first visited this beautiful spiritual habitat of the Chao Samui have been repainted, repaired and or restored to their original luster.

Trip 1 - 1986.
Over the years since I first visited this resort you will notice the constant repair and restoration of the Buddha and Guardians of the Gate.

Three sculptures opposite from Big Buddha and along a short causeway that is ususally covered by water.

Here is an image of me with one of these sculptures. Image taken by my friend Nigel Graham of Scotland. I first met Nigel on my first trip to Koh Samui while on the Don Sak Ferry boat from Surat Thani. He was, at the time, the sole representative and CEO of Zippo Cigarette Lighters in Glasgow, Scotland. You can read of his mushroom omelette experience in my paper on Mushrooms of Koh Samui and Koh Phanghan, Thailand, co-authored with Mark D. Merlin, Ph.D. of the University of Hawaii at Manoa Campus, Oahu.

And here is a view of me at the fountain pond. Later on a different visit there were bushes planted on the outer side of the pond and then they were also later removed for more renovation, including the introduction of small water plants to the water and heads of more Guardians. The sculptures in this fountain represent Hindu deities from the 8th to 12 century or so before the Thai's and Cambodians switched from Hinduism to Theravada Buddhism.

Here we have a good image of the little islet with two causeways onto the property. The one on the right is usually submerged.

These three images leading from on down the highway and causeway to Big Buddha were photographed on the same day in 1987.

This beautiful blue water image was taken about 8 months later in 1988.

These two images of Big Buddha site were taken six months apart in 1987. You can actually view some of the cabins in the foggy image on the left and months later I tried to recapture the same image in the Cocos nucifera framed space that the first image was photographed at. I almost got it perfect.

This particular image was taken a year later in 1988.

These are images of Big Buddha and his Guardians of the Gate.

An image of me along with Big Buddha and one of his Guardians.

Here are more images of Big Buddha and damages sustained from the forces of monsoon wind and rain over the years that eventually washed away the plaster exposing the wired frame of the structure, thus showing how badly it was in need of repair. Over a twenty-year many locals, visiting tourists and others constantly made daily donations time framed by visiting tourists from around the world.

A smaller image of Buddha at the base of Big Buddha.

This is a powerful image. A view of the causeway to Big Buddha and the shoreline along the road to Big Buddha from Bo Phut Beach to the far top right of the image. About 6 km.

Two more images of the sculptures opposite of Big Buddha at the short usually submerged causeway to the islet.

And one more image of the fountain to the left of the Guardians of the Gate into Big Buddha.

Two images from 1998

Here is a smaller Buddha image inside the compound at Big Buddha.

The walkway up to Big Buddha.

These four images are from 1999

This first image is of hand-painted fans sold in a shop for tourist business. Each shop at the site donates a percentage of monies towards the restoration project of the sacred grounds and for also being allowed to sell at the site.

Here we have the water and with Hindu dieties and now bushes in front and some lillies in the water.

This jovial Buddha is in the compound. Over the years I have taken about 10 images of him, sometimes with different colored robes. I will add a few more here later.

Here are some of the newly restored Buddha images which took many years to collect the donations for the repairs to the sculpted image. The couple walking up the steps of the stairs are John and Carrie of HPX Productions from Seattle and San Francisco.

These next 11 Images are from 2001. All of the fotos up to this year are taken with a Nikon EM camera, with a wide-angled lens, a telephoto lens and a pentax 90 camera, plus a nikor macro-lens for close-ups.

Here is an image of me at a restaurant at Big Buddha. The other image was of the owners dog, naping in the extreme heat with his friends.

Again, Big Buddha and his Guardians at the Gate.

Again, yet another smaller Jovial Buddha at the Big Buddha Compound.

Two more images of the Golden-hued Big Buddha.

And one final image from 2001 of the Hindu diety pond at the entrance to the Monk's compound where there are several Buddha's and craftsman selling hand-made items to tourists who visit the site.

HEre are two imaegs form inside another room at Big Buddha Compound

The images below are from 2004 and I used a Nikon Cool-Pix 4300 - 4 megapixel camera for all the remaining photos throughout 2006 in this pictorial of Big Buddha.

These two images above were photographed along the causeway to the Big Buddha Islet. Look how surreal the wispy clouds play in these images amongs the treelings. The pond is sometimes empty of water and other times is good for kids catching small fishes or nude swimming, a popular past time in Southeast Asia.

Here are more images of the Guardians of the Gates and an A-Framed Temple entrance at the Monastery at Big Buddha.

See how beautiful the Buddha shines beneath the Azure Blue Sky?

At the base of the big Buddha we find these carvings.

Now you see me! Now you don't.

To the right from the causeway to the Big Buddha Islet are more sculptured images.

If you can recall, that big girl with the titties was completely green during my many visits here in the early 1986-and later years. Only recently it was repainted white to enhance the beauty of the sculpture. This apparently is also another one of the many Guardians at the temple of Big Buddha.

Some sculptures near beggining of the 2nd causeway which is usually covered by sea water.

This Psilocybe cubensis was picked here on the Islet of Big Buddha in buffalo dung along the causeway in a grassy area next to a telephone pole.

And finally we come to 2005 at Big Buddha and more work is under way restoring the compound.

Some Blow Fish for sale in a tourist shop at Big Buddha Islet.

The person in the red shirt on our excursion is giving thanks to the world for Koh Samui and Big Buddha. Observe the construction on the back of the Buddha Statue. It is the first for this. It was not there in the mid 1980s when I first visited the site. See the photo at top of page for finished project from 2006.

And here we continue with images photographed in the fall of 2005 at Big Buddha.

Some of the Guardians near the 2nd causeway opposite of Big Buddha.

The big girl with the bigger titties.

See! I told you they were hugh.

And here you can see the green garden growing in the water pond in September of 2005.

Welcome to Big Buddha, Koh Samui.
At last we come to this last fall trip in August to September of 2006 at Big Buddha.

Five images of the new fully restored Big Buddha.

Now it is one year from 2005 in August-September of 2006, we see the pond has produced some really beautiful green water plants.

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