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Bang Pa In, Thailand


The Art Pavilion at Ban Pang In

Welcome to Bang Pa In
This segment of the Exotic forays site Represent a few trips to visit at Bang Pa, located a few km from Ayuthaya, the last capital of Thailand and home of the summer palace of the King.

Over the years since I first visited this Historical site, I present several photos from this region 75 km north of Bangkok and 4 km south of Ayuthaya. This is the home of the summer palace of the King, the beautiful Floating Art Pavilion and the reclining Buddha.

Here we find the two Bronze Buddha's at Bang Pa In.

The Stairway to to the Watch Tower to see across the lands.

A giant-sized Aligator Snapping turtle at Bang Pa In.

Three images of Dr. Jon and Carrie of HPX of Seattle in 1999.

Here we have some beautiful elephant sculptures. However, they are made from wire frames and then the greenage is added.

Here are two views of the world famous reclining Buddha at Bang Pa In.

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