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A Review of Andy Letcher's book
"Shrooms: A Cultural History."

Alice In Dallas


Alice in Dallas' Review of Andy Letcher's book, Shrooms: A Cultural History
Science meets Religion (December 24, 2008).

In a provocatively packaged work, Andy Letcher provides historical accounts of the use of magic mushrooms (psylocibe [Note from JWA, Psilocybe] varieties as well as agaric), re-examines many of the outlandish ancient accounts of magic mushroom use made during the 60's, details the current usage of magic mushrooms among trippers and shamans alike, and even recounts such recent occurrences such as the arrest of "Professor Fanaticus" Robert McPherson.

A transporting read that grounds itself in solid references at every step of the way.

A must for anyone interested in the topic.

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