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The purpose of this site is to provide the free flow of information to those who are seriously interested in learning the secrets of the Sacred Mushrooms of Mexico and other regions of the world.

To help those readers to learn to respect said mushrooms and thus spread the word to others with the same interests. This is how Christianity began, by passing the sacred word from one to one another as will those who read these pages and pass the sacred shroom knowledge on to one another.

There are now more 25 articles by me And a dozen or more by known scholars and more than 14,800 photographs posted at this site and we are still growing after ten years on the WWW. We are now at more than 500 MBs of space and have 500 more to go.

Currently there are more than 190 known species of mushrooms which contain the alkaloids psilocine and psilocybine and related compounds.

More than 60 species are described herein with beautiful mushroom photographic pictorials in the shroom field guide at this site, as well as more than 3000 photographs of Psilocybian mushroom species from around the world.

We also have a great Amanita section of photographs, mushroom art, music, my record with the Beattles, News Iiems section, and a great pictorial of cultivation grow logs of various strains of Psilocybe cubensis.

There is also an international link page to shroom sites located all over this great Plantet Earth.

Oh yes, less we forget, this site is not a drug hook up site and anyone is welcome to email this site at the email address posted on various pages of this site.

However, let all know in advance that if anyone sends email to this site regarding information about the sacred mushrooms but fails to post a subject matter in the subject box, then such email will be deleted.

This site also receives numerous requests for purchasing mushrooms or other drugs. Anyone who asks for drugs will have their email and IP address blocked.

I hope all who visit here enjoy what they find. As noted above, each photograph becomes a large image when clicked on by Mr. Mouse.

Furthermore, the site also includs several full colored books (with hundreds of full screened photos in published papers by John W. Allen, Mushrooms, Art Several hundred images of graphic and erotic shroom art.

Newly discovered species of magic mushrooms from Exotic Far Eastern Lands with more than 3,000 photos of magic shrooms and edibles found at temples from India to Thailand. And very beautiful photos of two species I discovered in SE Asia (Psilocybe samuiensis from Thailand, Burma and Cambodia (Angkor Wat, Kampuchea) and Psilocybe antioquensis with several thousands of photos of various temples at the Angkor Compound including many images of mushrooms on frescoes at Angkor Wat,and about ten other temples with moats ranging from 1600 meters to 2400 meters and images of local shroom collectors and local vendors and south to Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, and Bali.

Cultivation of more than a dozen strains imported and genetically altered are presented as are from 1 to as many as ten flushes per strain, in day by day pictorials.

65 Species are described and about three thousand large colored photos and macroscopic descriptions are presented with each page of identified psilocybian mushrooms. Worldwide, there are now 200 known species of psilocybian fungi. From as many as ten families, of which about 27 grow in manure. The others enjoy fresh sodded grassy lawn habitats and decayed and/or rotted wood debris rich in humus and linguin. The majority of species actually grow in garden bed mulched areas (preferably habitats with alder woodchips, branches, twigs and stems,blackberry brambles and)tall wild grassland mulched areas in major cities throughout the PNW and northern California and throughout the world.

This is the largest individual website covering approximately 95% of everything ever written and photographed about magic mushrooms. During a 20-year period I have personally taken approximately over 100 students and teachers and shroom lovers on personal shroom adventures to South East Asia.

My site does not sell products except, Mushroom posters, and hand-painted colord Magic mushroom T-shirts, and a few out of print field guides and PDF papers of my shroom writings. now all out of print. Only the "Bibliography of Entheogenic Fungi", a CD-ROM and journal, "Ethnomycological Journals: Sacred Mushroom Studies" vol. VIII are still in print as a cd-rom and a 104 paged Journal with 54 colored photos are available.

This site also includes a section of me with wild tigers, leopards, jaguars, cobras and other Asian wild animals, a large collection of my favorite photographs, and a large graphic art section of shroom and surreal psychedelic 1960s art by John W. Allen, and a News Section with about 400- actual news articles on shrooms and cultivation and possession busts are presented.

I have also added a record I recorded with the Beatles in July of 1964. This record has a free download and also an article about me and how I made this record with the Beatles. At 22, I looked like Paul McCartney.

This is also a totally free website for young adults who are 18 and over. I do not advertize other peoples shroom products such as spores or grow kits or supplies. I pay for this site out of my pocket. I have in the works three articles for issue IX which will my final contribution to the world of magic shrooms. One paper is 140 pages and is a 23-year followup to all my research on mushrooms in South and Southeast Asia.

Finally, I have a special pictorial in this website that shows dozens of photographs of three of the world's late legal mushroom farms in the Nederland that use to grow cubes, copes, sclerotia and Pan Subbalteatus species. Since Holland enacted laws making magic shrooms illegal, they based their list of 185 species of psilocybian mushrooms obtained from a 100-page paper by Dr. Gaston Guzman, me and Dr. Jochen Gartz, in an Italian Archaeological Journal. They accidentally also listed 9 edible species as illegal and forgot to list the Sclerotia of P. mexicana and P. tampanensis,so the sclerotia (magic truffles) are still legally sold in most Smart Shoppes throughout the Nederland.


And most of all,

More information will also be added to the Field Guide and many more articles in the Grape Vine section with many in foreign languages.

Best Regards,
Mushroom John and his Tales of the Shroom